Welcome to the STREAM projects Metadata Manager!

The Metadata Manager prototype was developed to support the aspect of better re-usability of research data. The prototype supports the management and access to heterogeneous research data publications and assists researchers in the selection of relevant data sets for their respective disciplines.

The prototype currently offers the following functions:
· Supports data collections and publications with different formats.
· Harvest metadata from the NOMAD and DSMS data repositories on demand.
· RDF Description of datasets using the DCAT vacbulary.
· Browsing RDF data of selected DSMS and NOMAD datasets.

Per dataset a link to access the RDF data is provided.
To explore the RDF data, please use our rich graphical user interface provided under rdfdata.stream-dataspace.net!

This website in under development and will be updated regularly. Please also note that the GUI and the functionalities will change.